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           Enter automation&machinery(Shen Zhen)Co.Ltd was establised in 1996, located in Taiwan. And in 2005, establising mainland factory in Shenzhen Shajing. Our sales service places are including South China, East China,North China,Sichuan and Hunan. We specialized in design,manufacture,marketing and after-sale service of printed circuit board equipment.Our main products are including CNC V-cut machine, Printing machine, Laser thickness gauge, Auto Grinding machine, Milling chamfering machine and related consumable materials.

           Our company was set up in more than ten years, all the way along with large quantities of circuit board factories, from small to big, and from big to powerful. Initially, from servicing in double and multilayer plates production to now meet special board producing and testing of high precision routes HDI, aluminum plate,no halogen board and ceramic plate. We have got support and praise from many customers, and total sales of equipment nearly for one thousand.


        Insisting on Philosophy

         Again and again the breakthrough and innovation, each case must be better than the former one. It is not easy to create high performance and high precision machine, but always unsatisfactory with the present achievement situation to our mechanical designer,who insisting on this constant concept,making more perfect machines and presenting to the world.

        Address: Taiwan Taoyuan Dasi Mayor Hing Street two section of 269 Lane 32 on the
        TEL+886-3-3894739 FAX:+886-3-3894461
        Shenzhen factory: the town of Shenzhen City manhole Lin Po pit fidelity Dong B Industrial Park
        TEL:+86-0755-29878658 FAX:+86-0755-29878378
        The office of East China: Jiangsu province Kunshan venture Road No. 666